Embassy Holidays

Public holidays for the year 2081 BS (13 April 2024 to 13 April 2025 AD)

S.N.OccasionDate (A.D.)Date (B.S.)Day
1.Easter Sunday05 May 202423 Baisakh 2081Sunday
2.Sham El Nessim06 May 202424 Baisakh 2081Monday
3.Buddha Jayanti23 May 202410 Jestha 2081Thursday
4.Eid Al Adha16-17 June 202402--03 Asar 2081Sunday & Monday
5.Revolution Day30 June 202416 Asar 2081Sunday
6.July Revolution Day23 July 202408 Shrawan 2081Tuesday
7.Constitution Day19 September 202403 Asoj 2081Thursday
8.Armed Forces Day06 October 202420 Asoj 2081Sunday
8.Fulpati/Dashain 10 October 202424 Asoj 2081Thursday
9.Dashain Festival13 October 202427 Asoj 2081Sunday
10.Tihar03 November 202418 Kartik 2081Sunday
11.New Year01 January 202517 Paush 2081Wednesday
12.Coptic Christmas Day07 January 202523 Paush 2081Tuesday
13.Maghesankranti/Maghi14 January 202501 Magh 2081Tuesday
14.Fagu Purnima13 March 202529 Falgun 2081Thursday
15.Eid Ul Fitr31 March 202518 Chaitra 2081Monday
16.Eid Ul Fitr01 April 202519 Chaitra 2081Tuesday