Demand Letters

                     Endorsement of Demand Documents

The Embassy of Nepal endorses the demand documents received from the prospective employers and prepared in prescribed formats and duly attested by the Chambers of Commerce & Industry or Ministry of Manpower/Labor and then consular attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country concerned before bringing them to the Embassy for its endorsement. The Embassy strongly advises the registered recruiting agencies in Nepal and counterpart agencies in the country of employment or employer that prescribed formats must be followed clearly spelling out the terms and conditions of the employment and basic salary (must meet the minimum wages) either in the local currency or in US Dollars. The Embassy will be happy to explain or advise beforehand in case of any doubt or confusion about requirements, but incomplete documents will not be endorsed.

The Government of Nepal and the Government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan have concluded General Agreement in the Field of Manpower on 18 October 2017 that outlines specific terms and conditions including minimum wages, standard of employment contracts among others. Thus, the Embassy has provided two different sets of demand documents – One for the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan with which bilateral labour agreement exists and for other countries where this mission is accredited is the other set of documents- both are available for download below or from downloads in this website.

Demand set for Jordan

Demand Set for Other Countries